Archival Squees

In a wee follow-up to yesterday’s post, I give you: statements that no one else will care about, but which are making me SQUEE in archival bliss:

“My dear Miss Daly, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity of meeting you last Friday at the Nathan Straus Library.”

Thanks, Mary Kay Olwell, St. Saviour High School, Class of ’46!

Letter source: Maureen Daly Papers, Box 1, Folder “Fan Letters 5,” University of Oregon Special Collections.


The Sally Draper Reading List

A friend sent me today’s awesomeness (in the form of a link to the New York Public Library’s “Sally Draper Reading List.”).

I wasn’t able to post on the site (apparently I am spam, which makes me feel sad and forces me to question my existence), but here’s what I tried to add:

I love this!

In terms of romance novels, I echo a lot of Joanne’s titles (especially Cavanna’s Going on Sixteen and Daly’s Seventeenth Summer). 1955 Sally might also have read Mary Stolz’s To Tell Your Love and The Sea Gulls Woke Me, Anne Emery’s Senior Year, Rosamond Du Jardin’s Wait for Marcy, and Amelia Walden’s Three Loves Has Sandy.

Good times…!