What Maureen Daly’s Mother Did…

Now that the summer semester has ended (whoop!), I’m back at work on the letters to Daly. I didn’t take a total break–I was able to talk about different aspects of the letters at two conferences (PCA/ACA in Chicago; Children’s Literature Association in Columbia, South Carolina), but now it’s time to focus on an article!

But that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I simply wanted to share Peter D. Sieruta’s excellent Seventeenth Summer blog post that I came across today. Check it out here. If you’re interested in Daly, it provides some great backstory. In particular, here’s what Daly’s mother did with young Maureen’s first-place winnings from the Scholastic context:

When the fifty-dollar prize money arrived from Scholastic magazine, my mother signed my name on the check, cashed it, and bought herself a dress costing exactly fifty dollars, a high price at that time, at an exclusive women’s shop called Minnie Messing’s. I remember clearly the dress was a soft silk in a color known as “powder pink,” with a matching jacket in heavy lace.



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